Alpha uploaded 1 month ahead of sched. Yay!

Known Issues:

-If you speed-run the cave level and [spoiler alert] force the fuel into the zeppelin too quickly [spoiler alert] the zeppelin will remain stationary and you will not be able to progress.
-Originally the 'Q' key was used for all interactions. This has mostly been supeceeded by the Left Mouse Button, except where the yellow cloak in the cave and the treasure chests are concerned.
-If you're having trouble moving the highlit rock in the opening scene, get a little closer to it.
-It's possible to get partially stuck in the area behind the glowing rock. You can eventually jump out if you try hard enough but it will be fixed in later updates. 
-The moveable track segments interaction isn't as smooth as it was during development. Some compromises had to be made and I will endevour to iron out the issues - same applies generally to movement and getting stuck. The game will fight you if you try to force a run-and-gun style of gameplay on it.
-You might 'lose' the main menu by tilting the camera to high or low, it's still where you left it though. Will fix this also. 
-There are misc glitches and raw edges throughout. 
-Music and voice acting will be added near the end of the development cycle. 


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Jan 13, 2018

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